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Neo Zipang Brand

REDLIST is a sustainable luxury project aimed at raising awareness about the protection of endangered species to ensure they remain for the next generation. Named after the list of endangered animals, the IUCN “REDLIST,” the product design is inspired by animals that are in danger of extinction. We develop apparel and sneakers that embody the rarity of these animals and stimulate people’s lifestyles, thinking, and behavior.


Next Generation

Our mission is to preserve valuable things that may disappear from the world and pass them on to the next generation. We sound the alarm for endangered animals and allocate a portion of project revenue to their protection.


    廣橋 博仁


    A serial entrepreneur born on Sado Island, Japan, the habitat of Japanese cranes. He led the apparel e-commerce business at Start Today (now ZOZO) as a founding member. In 2014, he started a 3D printing and scanning service. In 2015, he founded a virtual fitting service using 3D data called “Flickfit.” In 2017, he launched an art project called “HOSHINCHU.” Hiro announced his first product, an airborne bonsai called “Air Bonsai,” and raised $840,000 on Kickstarter in 40 days. It was featured in TIME magazine and became a hot topic around the world.
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    太田 圭輔

    Flicfit Inc.

    Creating innovative advancements in the fashion industry.
    Providing a completely new shopping experience.
    Updating society and different lifestyles with 3D technology.

    Using the latest 3D technology, we aim to first energize the shoe market, and give customers a brand-new shopping experience.We also plan to continue developing other products that provide solutions to various problems in the fashion industry using 3D technology, in order to update society and people’s lifestyles.
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REDLIST has spent one and a half years developing a brand-new sneaker collection, which has just been launched. The designs are inspired by the IUCN Redlist of endangered species and express a new perspective by blending organic life forms with urban and man-made designs. The sneakers also serve as a tool for pronouncing the individuality of the wearers.


Hiroshi Hirohashi, the founder of the REDLIST project, was born in Sado, Niigata Prefecture, and has been exposed to stories about the ecosystem of the Japanese crested ibis (Toki), which was once recognized as a critically endangered species, since childhood.
“In the old days, Japanese Crested Ibis with large wings used to fly over the fields.”
As we grow as the Neo-Zipangu brand, the “Japanese crested ibis” that inhabits Sado exists as a brand icon. Its resilience, having once faced extinction in the wild but now revived, and the beauty of its graceful flight through the sky have had an essential influence on our brand and products.