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Great White Shark

¥55,000 (tax in)

This is the debut low-cut model in REDLIST. The design is inspired by the Great White Shark, a dominant force in marine ecosystems. Emulating the sleek silhouette of the shark, these shoes add a dynamic touch to your feet. The available colors are Blue, Black, and White.

The sole, which took two years to develop, is a completely original design that expresses the wildness and vitality of animals based on the concept of coexistence between animals and humans, while dynamically combining architectural design that has an image of the future. It is our hope that those who wear them will run for the future of themselves and the earth. The distinctive midsole is not only about the looking, but also provides cushioning to soften the impact on the foot. With a reference of data from more than 10,000 people's feet, utilizing the company's own 3D foot measurement technology, we provide an excellent fit. A portion of the product sales will be used for the REDLIST IMPACTS project which aims for global environmental protection activities and charities.